unrequited love
killing slowly but surely
a bittersweet drug

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semi-hiatus while recovering.
back during late august

this post is due like over a week

but i’m going on semi-hiatus while i try to recover from whatever sickness is still kicking my ass

i’ve almost been sick for an entire month and the medicine helped but did not last

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Whoa there!
Please wait an hour before asking any more questions.
r u kidding me

Out for Ice cream


.:ϟ - He had just been let off from work early, being a slow day for him and Tom. And for Tom, it was good, for he who had to leave early anyways for a doctors appointment. So this left Shizuo alone.

     - He didn’t mind. Sometimes it was just to just be on your own. It let you think. But thought would have to wait as the blond’s stomach growled to let him know it was hungry. And what better way to fill that hunger than with sweets?

     - So Shizuo made his way down to the nearest ice cream parlor. He was almost there when someone bumped into him. There was a bit of force, but it didn’t knock him over. Instead, he looked at the other and tilted his head with a blink. “Hm?”

      Days like these would one day kill Samaru. He absolutely despised when he had nothing to do and instead just lounged around his loft all day. He already kept the place in fairly good condition, never letting a mess collect so he couldn’t waste time with that. He managed to organize his DVD collection within five minutes and went to move onto his gaming systems but those were organized already. 

      Samaru ran a hand through his hair, fingers tugging at near-midnight locks as he increasingly got more and more bored, if it were even possible. When his hand fell back to his side, he finally managed to figure something to do. 

      Close to a week ago when Samaru and Tom had been drinking, Samaru lost a bet and the punishment was a measly ‘loser has to buy the other a cake.’ He managed to keep putting it off, technically because he didn’t lose but Tom would tell a different story. 

      Grabbing his keys, wallet, and phone, Samaru shoved them in their usual pockets before heading out. The sweet shoppe wasn’t far from his place either, only a few minutes.

            [ ✉ ] New text message ~!

      Samaru went to pull his phone from his front pocket to check the text but before he could, he bumped into someone. When he looked up, a hint of familiarity sparked in his mind. Ah, Shizuo. Samaru had never had a proper conversation with the blond. Only a few hey’s here or there when Samaru and Tom bumped into each other and had a short conversation. He realized then that he hadn’t even said anything yet. 

    ◖ ❈ ◗ “Crap, I’m sorry about that. I was not paying attention,” Samaru blurted out.