unrequited love
killing slowly but surely
a bittersweet drug

skype : mister.ryder
semi-hiatus while recovering.
back during late august

i’m gonna do it

who’s alone in their apartment, in his shizaru tag, breaking down mentally?

did you guess me cause it is

it’s me

i am

soooooooooooo, I REALLY want to write a bunch of drabbles that suits one of those imagine your otp/ otp au mass posts

but no one else enjoys shizaru so i think it’d be super pointless

i wish i had someone who’d like do a quick drabble rp format of each. waaaaafuckme

this post is due like over a week

but i’m going on semi-hiatus while i try to recover from whatever sickness is still kicking my ass

i’ve almost been sick for an entire month and the medicine helped but did not last

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