unrequited love
killing slowly but surely
a bittersweet drug
simply a pet φ au

It was late. The streets were dead, lamp posts lit while others flickered and died, more and more lights within houses turning off while the dark night sky took over. Samaru shoved his hands in his pockets, burying his chin into his scarf which covered the blood red leather collar snapped around his neck. He stopped in front of a particular house, eyes slipping closed for a moment while he breathed in his last few breathes of freedom

He should have known nothing good would have come from messing with anonimo. Exhaling loudly, Samaru finally gained the courage to step up to the door, knocking on the wood and settling on his knees as the letter had informed him to do. He had taken off his scarf, folding it in his lap, the collar now contrasted against his skin and illuminated against the flickering street lamp. His gripped on the leash in his hands, trying to calm his nerves as the door swung open.

            φPlease accept me as your pet… I am yours and only yours, Master-ue”

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